Sunday, May 31, 2015

2 pdr Portee

More desert ;-)

Here's the answer to yesterday's question: it's a 2 pdr portee on a Morris. It's Company B's model, ordered through The Wargames Command Post, which gave me a nice personal service (Bob is a fellow Lardie, it turned out).

I've assembled it, and glued the 2 pdr on, although that is maybe a mistake and I might have to pry it off again. We'll see. The crew is loose, and Company B as well (the gun crew isn't included in the set, although the truck driver is).

My WIP has been growing the last 2 weeks, 6 vehicles (including this one), 5 guns (including this one) and 42 figures. Time to get painting, I guess...

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Anyone recognise what this will become once assembled?

More tonight, perhaps some pictures of my latest converted infantry and the rest of my WIP line-up...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

More WIP

Got my Mathilda II from Warlordgames this week, and put it together. Seems to be a nice enough model, but I really like the new plastics that are appearing more and more over resin - the plastics fit together nice usually. Warlord and especially Rubicon are doing good work.

Oh, and I added a second plastic (Warlord) Pz IV to the WIP box as well :-)

And soon my Morris Portee and crew will be here and be added to the queue as well. High time I started painting again (this week has been most about making pictures, cleaning up and assembling stuff).

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The state of my desert campaign

Tonight I gathered my gear together to make some (still not very good) pictures, so I could send them off for the TooFatLardies painting contest, hosted by the aimiable Robert Avery. This gives me a good idea where I am with my troops for the desert - and that is pretty close to completion. I'll finish the WIP items, add maybe an additional section of DAK, convert some DAK engineers and a medic, and perhaps snipers for both sides.

Below are the pictures and some info.

DAK Platoon (43 figures)
  • 2 officers and 1 NCO 
  • 3 sections @ 12 men each 
  • AT rifle team (2 crew) 
  • Extra LMG team (2 crew) 

DAK supports (1 tank, 1 motorcycle, 1 AT gun, 12 figures)
  • Panzer III 
  • MC combo w 2 crew 
  • FOO team (2 crew) 
  • PAK 38 and 3 crew 
  • AT rifle team (2 crew) 
  • 50mm mortar team (2 crew) 

British reinforced platoon (46 figures)
  • Platoon HQ: 1 officer, 1 NCO, AT rifle team (2 crew), 2" mortar team (2 crew) 
  • 4 sections @ 10 men each 

British supports A (1 weapon and 11 figures, 1 converted)
  • MMG w 5 crew 
  • Company officer w radio operator 
  • FOO team (2 crew) 
  • Extra officer 
  • Medic (converted: headswap and some other minor stuff) 

British engineer section (10 figures, 4 converted)
  • NCO 
  • 3 teams of 3 men (4 have medium conversions done, e.g. scratch built mine sweeper or wire cutters etc...) 

British supports B (4 vehicles, 4 crew)
  • Crusader tank 
  • Universal carrier w 3 crew 
  • Dingo scout car 
  • Morris CS9 w 1 added crew (minor conversion from a standard infantry figure) 

4 Jump off Points

I also have a piece of terrain, an oasis, which I wrote about earliler on

I have a total of 126 figures (not counting vehicle crews where they are only halves), 5 or 6 have medium conversions done. 2 tanks, 3 armoured cars/carriers, 1 motorcycle w sidecar, 1 weapon, 1 AT gun.

All vehicles have added stowage (the Pz III is getting it right now, it arrived yesterday). All are 28mm, most figures are Perry miniatures (mainly plastics with some metal sets thrown in). One of the British officers is TFL's own Hugh Jarce. Most of the vehicles and the AT gun are Warlord Games, apart from the carrier which is Perry again, and the MC combo which is Offensive Miniatures. The Jump off Points are TFL.

Monday, May 18, 2015


A small addition to the WIP box...

Warlordgames plastic Panzer IV, done as the F1 (there are options for G and H in the box as well). Assembled, waiting for the paint brush... Considering buying a spray can of dark yellow or dark sand to see how that works. 

The Pz III and the MC combo are now ready (apart from the decals and stowage that should arrive this week). Pictures of these later this week, when they are done.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Work in progress - still Desert focused

Just a quick update, pictures to follow...

On the painting table right now (all 28mm):


Wednesday, May 06, 2015

New painting projects

Now that my desert stuff is running towards completion (for now), with only some DAK engineers and loose bits to convert, and some German vehicles to paint (a Pz II, a Pz III and and Sdkfz 222), as well as a Zug of Pz IV to assemble and paint, I'm looking at other stuff again.

One club project is Dux Gondorium, a Middle Earth variant of Dux Brittaniarum. I'm going to assemble some Conquest Norman Knights as Rohirrim cavalry , probably later to be followed by some other suitable Dark Ages infantry (looking at Saxon Miniatures, probably their Arthurians or some Saxons...), and/or some Gripping Beast plastics. I've also recovered some Gripping Beast Dark Age houses and a church that I bought ages ago (probabaly last century...), and that I'll paint as scenery for our project.

I've also a while ago assembled some PSC 20mm Universal Carriers, and years ago an SHQ Stug as well as a Pz III and even 2 Armourfast Stug IIIs. These have now been sprayprimed, together with some 20mm SHQ AT guns, and I plan to start painting these, as well as som PSC Late War British. And a lot of 20mm Late War Germans I have (SHQ, Platoon20, Shellhole scenics). And I'll probably paint some more of those Valiant fallschirmjäger that I started on before Christmas. I've still not decided whether I'm going to use those for 20mm or 25/28mm games. Perhaps both ;-)

Anyway, here's a quick picture of the sprayprimed stuff...