Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2016 to date update

Real life put some spanners in the works this year, but I still managed to get some painting and even gaming done. But not much time to post any progress posts, so you all will just have to be happy with this compilation posts with some (horrible) pictures of what I've been up to...

First my French paras for Indochina - we're doing a series of participation games at GothCon (a big game convention in Göteborg) for a forthcoming CoC supplement for the First Indochina War (1946-1954). Figures are a mix of FNG Miniatures (ex Red Star Miniatures, available through Empress Miniatures), and converted Warlord US Marines (the French used lots of US equipment), with some Berlin or Bust heads thrown in for the conversions. I also used some Warlord British commando heads to get figures with the para berets.

1. French Colonial Para platoon (1953 organisation)

2. An additional understrength section of same.

3. Supports and scenery: a Buddha statue (to be used as JoP or simple scenery), an asian water buffalo (we always have some thematical animals in our games, last year it was our epical dead camel, this year it's a water buffalo). A medic (the base with medic and casualty), a .30 Cal MMG team (3 crew + team leader) and a flame thrower team. 

And then for something completely different... I started to paint some fantasy stuff for Frostgrave. Some you'll recognise as GW LotR figures. Some of these will also double as figures for a planned Dux Gondorum campaign, Dux Britaniarum in a Middle Earth setting. Sometime after Easter (when I've finished some remaining French paras, I'll start painting up a lot of GW Rohirrim and Uruk Hai I bough 2nd hand.

1. Two Wraith Knights from North Star's Frostgrave range and Gandalf and Aragorn from GW's LotR range.

2. Twelve skeletons from North Star's (Mantic's really...) Undead Frostgrave pack

Then some stuff I sent out for the Santa Clause...

1. Ten Kriegsmarine troopers, 28mm Warlord (2 different Santa Clause presents)

2. Six British commandos, 28mm Warlord

3. Seven Home Guard characters, Wargames Foundry 28mm

4. Sovjet Maxim w 3 crew, Warlord 28mm

5. Nine Imperial Stormtroopers, Imperial Assault 35mm (actually not a Santa Clause item, but stuff I'm painting for a friend of a friend ;-))

And finally some mixed 20mm items:
1. British paras, 2 sections, 21 figures, AB figures 20mm

2. Four 20mm JoPs for CoC (I think Sgt's Mess truck loads, with tarps added with tissue paper soaked in thinned white glue)

That's it for now, hopefully back soon with more. I have some WW2 desert stuff to complete, some more French paras, more 20mm British paras and the LoTR and Frotsgrave stuff. So no time to get bored ;-)