Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Cold stuff

Another quick update...

In an earlier post I wrote about the Frozen characters I was painting for my daughters. These are done now, and the girls are very happy with them. Here's some pics of the finished sets.

I also finished a single figure for Frostgrave, an apothecary. This is a metal Reaper figure, Olivia, Mercenaries Cleric, that I got from Annie @ Bad Squiddo Games early last year.

See you in Hell, Billy Yank...

Thomas and I decided to start a project for SP2, playing ACW. He'd started painting Confederates a while back, and I'd do Union. So I picked up some heavily discounted boxes of Perry plastics (these are from the new Union Infantry in Sack Coats box) and started painting. Here are my first Union units: 20 infantrymen (2,5 units in SP2), 2 leaders (an officer and a sergeant) and a drummer.

Up next, another dozen infantrymen (I paint by groups of 12, usually), and probably the dozen Union cavalry skirmishers I got in the Secret Santa scheme.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Female Soviet Snipers

I got some of these off Annie's Kickstarter a while back, and decided to paint some as a Christmas surprise present for a good friend.

Find the whole range of Bad Squiddo Games, 28mm female soviets.

First secret santa present completed

A quick update to thank the Secret Santa that sent me the Perry British 6pdr w crew for North Africa. I just had to paint it ;-)

Here's some pictures:

All assembled and ready for painting

All done and ready for action