Friday, April 29, 2016

More paras for Arnhem...

Been painting steadily on my paras for Arnhem and Normandy (we are planning to play TFL's Von Luck campaign soon). Finished another section and a sniper, platoon HQ and some supports (flamethrower team, two extra PIAT teams), as well as  some more riflemen.

Figures are a mix of AB, TQD and SHQ,

A rifle section and a sniper

Various supports (flamethrower team, 2 PIAT teams), some extra riflemen and half the SL for the 2nd platoon

Platoon HQ (Lieutenat w radio operator, platoon sergeant, 2" mortar team, PIAT team), and some riflemen

Friday, April 22, 2016

For sale - 20mm WW2

Friend or Foe / Shell Hole Scenics 20mm WW2 - €15 for the lot (normal price is £3 per pack, there are 12 packs)

German Infantry 43-45
GER4: Tank Hunters: 2 man Panzerschreck team, 1 with Panzerfaust, 1 throwing Panzerwurfmine

German Gebirgsjäger (suitable for normal infantry 43-45):
GERM-9: Tripod mounted M.M.G. with 3 crew

British infantry:
BR6: 2" mortar teams (1 team firing, 1 team advancing) (2 man per team)
BR5: Bren teams (1 team advancing, 1 team firing) (2 man per team)
BR8: Vickers machine gun with crew of 3 firing
BR7: Boys AT-rifle teams (1 team firing, 1 team advancing) (2 man per team)

British Airborne:
BP3: 4 para's advancing with Lee Enfield rifles
BP1: Frost, Carlyle & Urquhart
BP7: Bren teams (1 team advancing, 1 team firing) (2 man per team)
BP8: Vickers machine gun with crew of 3 firing
BP10: 2 para's carrying cannister with 3rd kneeling by an open cannister
BP11: 4 open & 4 closed cannisters

British Airborne: BP8, BP7, BP1

British Airborne 2: BP11, BP10. BP3
British Infantry: BR7, BR8, BR6

More British Infantry and some Germans: BR5, GER4, GERM9

Size comparison: FoF - Valiant - SHQ - Platoon 20 - AB

For more details and pictures: (click on the individual pictures for pack details)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

For sale - 15mm ancients

I'm considering selling off some stuff that I'm unlikely going to be using in the foreseeable future. Both painted and unpainted items, and even some basing materials.

All prices are without postage. If you buy several items, we can discuss a discount. I've marked what is already sold.

Painted, all 15mm:

1. Half a Classical Spartan DBA Army, €10 (includes the unpainted figures to complete it).
Contains 5 bases of spear, 1 base of spear command, and a singly based commander. I also include the other half of the army, but they are still unpainted (some more spear, 3 cavalry figures, some psiloi). The figures are all Xyston, They are painted to a good wargames standard, but only glued to a piece of cardboard, not built up or flocked. See or picture below.

2. A Pict DBA army, €10
Contains 12 bases, all figures from Essex. Painted (simplistically, this is one of my older armies) and the bases simply painted green and flocked. General in Light Chariot, Light Chariot, 2 LH, 2 Ps, 6 Wb.

3. An Early German extended DBA army, €20
Contains 17 bases (all options): 1 Cv Gen, 1 Wb Gen, 5 Ps, 9 Wb. 1 Bd (can be used as Wb). Painted and based to a decent wargames standard. Most figures are Donnington, some are Essex.

4. A Sarmatian army, €20
Contains 12 bases, all figures are TTG (Table Top Games). Painted and based to a good wargames standard. 10 bases of Kn, 1 base of Kn Gen. 1 LH. See or pictures below

5. Large Early to Middle Imperial Roman army, suitable for DBA, DBM, or any other ancient ruleset, €130
Contains 82 stands: 
* 2 Roman Cavalry command bases @ 3 figs
* 7 Roman Cavalry bases @ 3 figs
* 3 Numidian Light Horse bases @ 2 figs
* 2 smaller and 1 large ballista
* 6 bases with 4 archers (Bow in DBA terms, auxiliary archers)
* 6 bases with 2 archers (Psiloi in DBA terms, or skirmishers)
* 4 bases with 2 slingers (psiloi, skirmishers)
* 3 foot command bases @ 4 figures
* 29 legionary bases @ 4 figures (blades in DBA terms, heavy infantry)
* 19 spear armed auxiliary bases @ 3 figures (Aux in DBA terms, auxiliaries. medium infantry)

Mix of various manufacturers, mainly Essex, Lancaster games, Peter Pig. Most stands painted and based to a decent to good wargaming standard. 

Well painted Corvus Belli in the front, normally painted other suppliers in the back.

However, 2 stands of legion infantry, the large ballista, 2 stands of auxiliary infantry and 1 stand of mounted command are Corvus Belli and painted and based to a better standard (incl. hand painted shield designs). Separate pictures of these below, also some legionaries in the picture above.

Unpainted, all 15mm:

Corvus Belli / Xyston Celts: €2 euros per pack, or €20 for all 11 packs (normal price for Xyston or Corvus Belli is around €4 per pack)

Ref.Description# figs
Mixed pack of Infantry command group & Victory and defeat8
150102-0002 & 150103-0003Warriors with sword 1 & 2 (1 full pack of pack 2, plus a mixed pack)20
150104-0004 & 150105-0005Warriors with spear 1 & 2 (mixed pack)12
150112-0011Cavalry command group (with an additional figure)4
150113-0012Chariot (w 2 horses and 2 crew)10
150115-0041Queen Boudicca in chariot (w 2 horses and 2 crew)5
Xyston 18250 & 18251Gauls w sword & Gauls w spears, mixed pack8