Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here are some Spartans I did a year or 2 ago. 15mm Xyston figures, based for DBA. I also did a loose general, so they could be used for other rulesets as well. I still have 6 more stands lying about somewhere (probably neatly packed away in the attic), that I may do someday...

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A batallion for Marcel - part 2

Also on my painting table since last week (http://dalemunk.blogspot.com/2010/02/battalion-for-marcel-part-1.html), are the first 12 figs for my "batallion for Marcel", that I assembled, converted and primed last week. Last night they go a light white drybrush, which helps get out the features on the figures (which is handy while painting), and adds additional highlights. I may have overdone it a bit on some figures, so some may get an additional black or dark grey wash.

All figures below are from the Perry FN100 box, some slightly converted using the available heads and extra equipment in the box, unless when stated otherwise.

Command stand (figure on the left is from the Perry FN13 (Line Infantry NCOs) pack, as there are only 3 command figures in Perry boxes)

Grenadier stand (figure on the left is from the Perry FN22 (Line Infantry Officers in campaign dress pack), although I may decide to move him to the Voltigeur stand, and use another grenadier or NCO for this stand. Second figure from the left has received an arm and a head swap.

Fusilier stand (head swap for the second figure from the left)

Next up - washing where I overdid the white drybrush and then painting.
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More Swedish GNW troops painted

Got some painting done last night, and apart from some Austrian colonels I completed for a friend recently, it had been a while. First up last night were 2 batallions of the Dalregemente (Bacchus 6mm GNW). They still need to be properly based and varnished, and they need their flags, but at least they're painted. This brings my infantry up to 8 batallions in 4 regiments (2 Livgardet, 2 Södermanlands, 2 Närke-Värmlands tremänning, and now these 2).
I also completed 1 base of the Östgöta kavalleriregemente, my first GNW cavalry base. Again, they still need to be properly based, and varnished, but I'll do that when I have completed a large amount of bases, so I have some uniformity on the base paint job. Again these are Bacchus 6mm GNW.

Next up some artillery, and I hope to have some time tonight to prime some more cavalry.
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Monday, February 08, 2010

Raab Refight - 6 Feb 2010

Some Stippies (or Stipsciz Hussars) did a refight last Saturday of the battle of Raab. Some pictures below...

Left: The table setup at the start of play in Karim's new wargames attic; Right: The French start advancing

Left: Willie and Erik are still smiling (to be honest, they were still smiling at the end of the game); Right: First French successes - several battalions have managed to cross the river, and have pushed back the Austrian skirmish screens

Left: Karim (our host and umpire), Willie and Erik are watching how the scenario unfolds; Right: Things are developing for the worse, and Marcel is starting to look worried...

After the initial French successes, the situation quickly deteriorated for the Italo-French troops, as they were pinned against the river with little change of getting any reinforcements across. In the end we gave up and pulled our troops back.

A battalion for Marcel - part 1

My good friend Marcel made the pledge to not buy a single figure in 2010. As an incentive to help him through these difficult 365 days, I decided to paint him a battalion of French infantry, which he will get on 1 Jan 2011 - assuming he manages to get through 2010 without buying any figures.

Last Saturday I dropped by another friend, Fons, who is selling off a lot of his wargames stuff, and picked up 2 boxes of Perry plastic French infantry. Last night I assembled/converted 12 figs (3 companies or half a battalion), put them on their painting bases and primed them. Step 1 of "A batallion for Marcel" has been completed ;-)

I hope to have some pictures of the first 12 primed and ready to go, but that may be a few days, as I'll be travelling for work.