Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A batallion for Marcel - part 2

Also on my painting table since last week (http://dalemunk.blogspot.com/2010/02/battalion-for-marcel-part-1.html), are the first 12 figs for my "batallion for Marcel", that I assembled, converted and primed last week. Last night they go a light white drybrush, which helps get out the features on the figures (which is handy while painting), and adds additional highlights. I may have overdone it a bit on some figures, so some may get an additional black or dark grey wash.

All figures below are from the Perry FN100 box, some slightly converted using the available heads and extra equipment in the box, unless when stated otherwise.

Command stand (figure on the left is from the Perry FN13 (Line Infantry NCOs) pack, as there are only 3 command figures in Perry boxes)

Grenadier stand (figure on the left is from the Perry FN22 (Line Infantry Officers in campaign dress pack), although I may decide to move him to the Voltigeur stand, and use another grenadier or NCO for this stand. Second figure from the left has received an arm and a head swap.

Fusilier stand (head swap for the second figure from the left)

Next up - washing where I overdid the white drybrush and then painting.
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