Monday, February 08, 2010

Raab Refight - 6 Feb 2010

Some Stippies (or Stipsciz Hussars) did a refight last Saturday of the battle of Raab. Some pictures below...

Left: The table setup at the start of play in Karim's new wargames attic; Right: The French start advancing

Left: Willie and Erik are still smiling (to be honest, they were still smiling at the end of the game); Right: First French successes - several battalions have managed to cross the river, and have pushed back the Austrian skirmish screens

Left: Karim (our host and umpire), Willie and Erik are watching how the scenario unfolds; Right: Things are developing for the worse, and Marcel is starting to look worried...

After the initial French successes, the situation quickly deteriorated for the Italo-French troops, as they were pinned against the river with little change of getting any reinforcements across. In the end we gave up and pulled our troops back.

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