Monday, February 08, 2010

A battalion for Marcel - part 1

My good friend Marcel made the pledge to not buy a single figure in 2010. As an incentive to help him through these difficult 365 days, I decided to paint him a battalion of French infantry, which he will get on 1 Jan 2011 - assuming he manages to get through 2010 without buying any figures.

Last Saturday I dropped by another friend, Fons, who is selling off a lot of his wargames stuff, and picked up 2 boxes of Perry plastic French infantry. Last night I assembled/converted 12 figs (3 companies or half a battalion), put them on their painting bases and primed them. Step 1 of "A batallion for Marcel" has been completed ;-)

I hope to have some pictures of the first 12 primed and ready to go, but that may be a few days, as I'll be travelling for work.

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