Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Swedish GNW troops painted

Got some painting done last night, and apart from some Austrian colonels I completed for a friend recently, it had been a while. First up last night were 2 batallions of the Dalregemente (Bacchus 6mm GNW). They still need to be properly based and varnished, and they need their flags, but at least they're painted. This brings my infantry up to 8 batallions in 4 regiments (2 Livgardet, 2 Södermanlands, 2 Närke-Värmlands tremänning, and now these 2).
I also completed 1 base of the Östgöta kavalleriregemente, my first GNW cavalry base. Again, they still need to be properly based, and varnished, but I'll do that when I have completed a large amount of bases, so I have some uniformity on the base paint job. Again these are Bacchus 6mm GNW.

Next up some artillery, and I hope to have some time tonight to prime some more cavalry.
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