Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Look ahead at 2017

Long time no update and I'll have to sort that out soon, I have done quite some painting this summer.

Now however, I want to take a quick look ahead to next year and my projects. But first a little reflection on what I had planned for this year...

1. Desert 28mm (mostly Perry miniatures)...
Nope, nothing of this happened. Maybe next year ;-)
2. Our Dux Gondorum project, Dux Brittaniorun in a Middle Earth setting...
YES! I got some LotR stuff in one of my Secret Santas, which enabled me to sell off my Normans to Thomas. I painted up quite a lot of the second hand stuff I grabbed last year, mainly Uruk Hai, more than enough to play Dux G, and actually managed to get a couple of games in against Thomas and Jocke. They even saw action in Open Combat (less succesfully...). I seem to have all I need for this project, though, so nothing extra planned - just more painting and playing.
3. Extending my AB miniatures British paras...
Bought some extras from Battlefield miniatures and got more than a platoon's worth of AB and SHQ figures for free from Thomas and Laffe. I painted 2 platoons with supports and a recce jeep squadron of these, and hopefully can get the rest done this winter. Nothing more is planned for these, as with the stuff I still have to paint, I can field a well supported company! We need to get our Normandy or Arnhem campaigns started for these!!!
4. Frostgrave
Managed to get a warband or two together, and played one or two games. Hope to paint some of the extras and monsters I have, and get some more games in, but will not get anything extra for this.

5. Perhaps start NorwegiansDutch or Belgians for CoC for WWII in 20mm

Didn't happen either, although I am supporting May 40 Figures's new 28mm Dutch figures startup. So this may mean this happens in 28mm next year instead...

6. Our French in Indochina project...
We had a series of very successful demos at GothCon using/testing an as-yet unpublished supplement to CoC, and I have about 2 sections worth of infantry and some support (including a Bison tank) to paint.

So, then, onto next year's projects... And yes, this is a nice wish list for the various Secret Santas I'm in ;-)

1. Sharp Practice. Thomas and I are keen to get into ACW with SP2. I'll probably get one or two of the cheap-ish plastic Perry boxes (probably the new Union infantry box and the Confederates box, to have some for both sides, or even some Cavalry). I could also do with some dismounted cavalry or other skirmishers (e.g. these or these). Should be a relatively quick and cheap project, although we may also want some terrain (houses or fences or more fences).

2. Dux Gondorum. I'll continue painting most of the second hand figures I grabbed last year, but nothing additional is needed, perhaps a "Son of Eorl" to use as a mounted leader for my Rohirrim. Hopefully we can get some extra games in, as this was fun and my Uruk Hai seem to be on a roll.

3. WWII Desert 28mm. As I haven't done anything with it this year, the situation is unchanged: "most of the stuff is done for this, but I may need a British 6-pdr, as we saw in our last games, when the German armour comes on, that the Boys rifles and 2 pdrs can't cut it. I also want to extend my German FJ för the Ramcke Brigade (that can also extend to Sicily, Italy and at a pinch even Normandy) with some extra troops, e.g. more riflemensupport, even MG42s, and the cool LG40 75mm RCL, or the sPzB AT gun"

4. Frostgrave. I have some loose figures and some monsters left to paint, and I hope we can play a bit more, but I won't get any extras for this. 

5. WWII 28mm. I've supported a friend's startup, which should get me some 28mm Dutch for 1940. I might get some early Germans or FJ to go against these. Foundry has some nice ones, and obviously Warlord has the Blitzkrieg plastic box. I've also got some of Annie Norman's (The Dice Bag Lady) Russian Women of the Red Army that I'll paint up this year and maybe add some other Russians to. Laffe has plenty of Germans he says ;-)

6. Indochina - I feel I have all I need for this project for the French side (and about 20 figures still to paint)

A summarised wishlist can be found here