Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some more 20mm Finns

Tonight I completed a couple of Finns from a batch I started 3 months ago, when I was still spending my weeks in Zurich for work. Finally got some done now... Hopefully I can get some more out this week. They're all Warmodelling (ex-Fantassin).

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Some more 6mm GNW Swedes

As promised, some more pictures of my 6mm Baccus GNW Swedes. They're actually not based on snow bases, I just haven't got round to complete the bases yet (I like to do a large batch in one go to get a uniform look).

First a regiment of foot guards (every army needs at least a regiment of guards! ;-))

Detailed shot of one of the batallions

Then the Närke-Värmland tremanning regiment*

And again a detail of one of the batallions

* Tremanning regiments are regiments that are drafted from areas that already had a normal draft of soldiers. Normally 1 area would support and send one soldier to the normal, provincial, regiments of the army; for the tremanning regiments ("3rd man regiments") three areas would join together to send an additional soldier. This was an exceptional measure to cover the losses from the campaigns.
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Current WIP

20mm Winter War Finns (Fantassin / Warmodelling)

Primed Grey (GW primer), then washed black. On hindsight, I should have skipped the black wash at this stage, the grey primer would have been more than sufficient as primer and undercoat for the light grey and white for the uniforms...


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15mm DBA Carthaginians (Part 3)

Follow-up post...

All the mounted elements


The General and his Cavalry (all Corvus Belli)


Elephant! (Museum Miniatures elephant with Corvus Belli troopers in the basket and on the base)


Numidian Light Horse (Corvus Belli) (they sometimes get drafted into my Roman armies as well...)

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15mm DBA Carthaginians (Part 2)

All the infantry...

Psiloi light infantry (Corvus Belli)

Spanish Scutarii (Xyston)

Veteran spearman (in captured Roman gear) and citizen spearman (Corvus Belli)

Last but not least, some Gallic warbands (mix of Xyston and Corvus Belli)

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15mm DBA Carthaginians (Part 1)

One of the last 15mm armies I painted before work got in the way of playing and painting...

The army arrayed for battle


Details to follow in some separate posts...

DBA 15mm Sarmatians

15mm Sarmatians (mostly Table Top Games) for DBA. Painted ages ago, and with a bad track record in games (well, there all Kn, so it's all or nothing ;-))

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dutch Belgian Infantry

Some Dutch-Belgian 1815 Infantry (28mm Front Rank) I painted for a friend

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Stippie is the mascot of our wargames club, the Stipsciz Hussars. I painted him a couple of years ago, and he accompanies us to shows, demoes and conventions. Stippie is a Foundry 28mm Austrian Hussar.

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6mm Baccus GNW Swedes

Some 6mm Baccus Swedes I completed a while ago (1 batallion of the Södermanslands Regiment). I have a couple more battalions, which I'll try to post soon(ish).

In the meanwhile I've rebased these to 1 batallion per stand of 60*30mm.

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Some finished items

Some finished items:

6mm Aircraft for North Africa (1 Stuka, 2 Bf109, no idea which manufacturer, bought these off a friend)

20mm Finns for Winter War (Fantassin / Warmodelling)

More 20mm Finns for Winter War (Fantassin / Warmodelling)

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Completed T-26

Completed Finnish T26 (20mm) for Winter War. Painted in Finnish colours (SHQ T26E)