Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some more 6mm GNW Swedes

As promised, some more pictures of my 6mm Baccus GNW Swedes. They're actually not based on snow bases, I just haven't got round to complete the bases yet (I like to do a large batch in one go to get a uniform look).

First a regiment of foot guards (every army needs at least a regiment of guards! ;-))

Detailed shot of one of the batallions

Then the Närke-Värmland tremanning regiment*

And again a detail of one of the batallions

* Tremanning regiments are regiments that are drafted from areas that already had a normal draft of soldiers. Normally 1 area would support and send one soldier to the normal, provincial, regiments of the army; for the tremanning regiments ("3rd man regiments") three areas would join together to send an additional soldier. This was an exceptional measure to cover the losses from the campaigns.
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