Monday, March 09, 2015

Penguin Terrain Day

We got together last weekend to build some terrain for our demo/participation game at GothCon. We found out we have very little desert terrain (although we discovered Jocke's 20mm houses are very useable).

So we set out and managed the following:

  • 6 HE/smoke markers. Thomas glued these together with his brand new glue gun (and burnt his fingers in the progress), I then took them home and spray painted them.

  • 4 sand dunes that I bought from Amera and that we painted
  • a temple ruin, also from Amera, that just needs some finishing touches
  • plenty of sangars and sangar walls
  • an oasis of cork, caulk, sand and stones, that needs painting now
  • based 13 palm trees (I'm now washing and drybrushing them)
  • plenty of rocks and cliffs and loose rocks
  • our battle mat - we had high ambitions to make one with caulk and sand and paint it. but we lowered our ambitions and just painted a beige bed sheet ;-)
  • No pictures of most of the stuff, but I have some action pictures, from left to right
    • Henrik painting sangar walls
    • Jocke cutting cork for more sangars for the MMG and AT teams
    • Thomas glueing smoke markers (and his fingers). Note his brand new glue gun! ;-)


Leif Eriksson said...

Happiness is a warm gun, indeed.

Joakim Ström said...

A fun terrain-making day for sure. I have some painting left to do until everything is done.

Thomas Nissvik said...

Actual proof that I am doing something hobby related. Take that, Owen!