Friday, September 11, 2015

Santa Clause is coming to town. Twice.

I've been hearing a lot these last few years on 2 Secret Santa projects: the Secret Santa and the Santa Clause, both originally initiated by Ian over at The Blog With No Name. Although the Santa Clause is now run by Christ Stoessen at Wargamer's Odds and Ends

These are two separate projects:
Secret Santa where you buy someone a wargaming-related gift worth about £15 and someone else does the same for you:
The Santa Clause where you buy a mini worth about £5, paint it and then send it to someone:

I'll be participating for the first time this year and I really think it will be fun. I just hope it's not Thomas or Laffe that get to send me stuff, 'cause then they'll force me into a new project (again). And Jocke is not much better, either ;-)


Leif Eriksson said...


Ian said...

Great to have you join us this year. Looks to be bigger than last year which was a record showing.

If you let Cath know who you DON'T want to be linked too then she may oblige, well unless they got to her first LOL


Koen De Smedt said...

No worries, Ian, there's always ways of retaliating ;)

Joakim Ström said...

I'm tempted to join, just to get you involved in another project :-)
But, hey, you might get an extra package from Santa. Who knows.
(Pst, Laffe and Thomas. Contact me)