Monday, June 05, 2017

Wattle fencing and Renedra ruins

I got these ages ago, maybe two years or so, from Annie  @ Bad Squiddo Games (altough she no longer carries them...).

Steps for the wattle fencing:

  • Based on 2cm wide cardboard, clipped the corner in 45 degrees so I can make corners (Thanks Leif!)
  • Primed black, incl. the base with Vallejo black primer
  • Wetbrushed with a mix of Vallejo Chocolate Brown and Dark Seagreen, including the bases
  • Drybrush with a mix of Tan Earth and Dark Seagree
  • Added Stone grey to lighten and drybrushed again
  • Washed with a 50/50 mix of Futur Pledge and Army Painted Dark Tone (you can also use Nuln Oil) to add more contrast
  • Repeated the step before the wash.
  • Added Off-White to lighten even more and drybrushed sparingly
  • A minimal drybrush with Off-white with a touch of Stone Grey
  • Vallejo Sand texture on some spots to add texture and wall filler near the gates, to make a rougher texture. Painted Chocolate Brown, then drybrushed with Tan Earth, then Iraqi Sand.
  • Added spring blossom tufts (Mininatur), some Gamers Grass tufts in 2 shades of green. Some flock on the wattle to represent moss or weeds. Added some green lichen to represent bushes taking hold.
I forgot to take pictures on the way... The first one is after the painting, and when I'd added the texture to the ground. The rest is when completed.

The ruins are type A, B and D if I remember correctly. The sprues also contain some additional scatter terrain.

  • Primed black with Vallejo black primer
  • Wetbrush with Dark Seagreen and a touch of black
  • Drybrush w Dark Seagree
  • Wash of 50/50 mix of Future Pledge and AP Dark Tone
  • Drybrush with Dark Seagreen again
  • Adding Off-white in 2 stages and drybrushed lighter
  • Pinwashing with AP Strong Tone in the joints and adding vertical streaks
  • Painted the base Chocolate brown, then drybrushed with Tan Earth, then Iraqi Sand.
  • Same basing steps as for the wattle fences plus some weeds in the joints and some moss in darker places.
  • Scatter terrain is based on 25 or 30mm mdf bases and textured with wall filler, then the same steps to drybrush and add weeds and grass.

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Laffe said...

Didn't see this until now. Nice work :-)