Wednesday, May 06, 2015

New painting projects

Now that my desert stuff is running towards completion (for now), with only some DAK engineers and loose bits to convert, and some German vehicles to paint (a Pz II, a Pz III and and Sdkfz 222), as well as a Zug of Pz IV to assemble and paint, I'm looking at other stuff again.

One club project is Dux Gondorium, a Middle Earth variant of Dux Brittaniarum. I'm going to assemble some Conquest Norman Knights as Rohirrim cavalry , probably later to be followed by some other suitable Dark Ages infantry (looking at Saxon Miniatures, probably their Arthurians or some Saxons...), and/or some Gripping Beast plastics. I've also recovered some Gripping Beast Dark Age houses and a church that I bought ages ago (probabaly last century...), and that I'll paint as scenery for our project.

I've also a while ago assembled some PSC 20mm Universal Carriers, and years ago an SHQ Stug as well as a Pz III and even 2 Armourfast Stug IIIs. These have now been sprayprimed, together with some 20mm SHQ AT guns, and I plan to start painting these, as well as som PSC Late War British. And a lot of 20mm Late War Germans I have (SHQ, Platoon20, Shellhole scenics). And I'll probably paint some more of those Valiant fallschirmjäger that I started on before Christmas. I've still not decided whether I'm going to use those for 20mm or 25/28mm games. Perhaps both ;-)

Anyway, here's a quick picture of the sprayprimed stuff...

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Ptr said...

Nice projects and fun too. :)