Friday, October 02, 2015

Quick update

Not that much happened since that last update, at least not on the wargames front. I had my birthday last week, and we had a surprise visit from some Dutch friends the weekend. But I managed to complete that entire figure wip, and am now completing the basings for all of them. Pictures to follow ;)

Here's a quick shot from a German AT gun, that is soon to be based.

Togteher with my mate Mischa, I visited the "Arsenalen" museum in Strängnäs last weekend. It's an interesting museum, showing the evolution of tanks, AFVs and APCs in Sweden since 1920, as well as some interesting pieces from other countries (like a nice Hetzer). On the first floor they have a interesting exhibit on the history of the Sörmland Infantry Regiment. I recommend it heartily. Here's a quick pic of the main hall to give you an idea.

Finally... as I'm slowly coming to an end of the stuff I wanted to paint for 28mm North Africa (just some vehicles and a few dozen figures to paint), I'll be starting on 2 new projects. One is our club pet project Dux Gondorum. I managed to pick up loads of 2nd hand stuff that I will pick up in Holland and Belgium when I'm there in November for Crisis (I'll dedicate a post to that soon), and for which I need to start organising what I want. The second is the Arnhem campaign that I want to do. We have lots of Germans in 20mm, but are lacking British paras. So I'll be doing those, using AB figures (from Fighting 15s). I'll start painting on these in the near future (could be as soon as next week!).

I'll be leaving you with a picture of a Warlord PzIV in progress for my DAK

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