Friday, October 02, 2015

Some finished stuff

Some (bad) pictures of some finished desert stuff... All Perry unless stated otherwise.

PAK36, 5 crew and an NCO. The base needs some boxes and cases, maybe even some sandbags.

MG34 on tripod, 4 crew. Again, the base needs some clutter

Desert rats sniper team and 2" mortar team

German company commander

DAK engineer section. All are converted Perry plastics

British gun crews. 2 on the left are OffensiveMiniatures (for their Breda gun), 2 on the right part of the Perry 2pdr, the rest are Perry plastics.

FJ (Ramcke Brigade). Platoon command, Sani (medic), LMG team

FJ (Ramcke Brigade). Section of 12, 2 LMG teams

A total of 53 figures, 1 PAK36 and the MG34 on tripod

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