Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Tomorrow night I will finally get my introduction into Frostgrave. Something I've been planning for a while, and I'ev selected quite some figures for it from my 2nd hand stash. I'll be playing with Thomas, Joachim and his son. Of course, that posed a small problem as I've been painting other things than my Frostgrave warband recently (Johnny Frost took precedence on Frostgrave, you could say ;-)).

So, last night I got going (after finishing the bases on some more British paras) and painted up a couple of extras for my band. I'm halfway now, 5 are done, and 5 to go tonight. It'll be tight, but isn't that how it's supposed to be? 

Any similarities to know and popular characters are completely wanted ;-)

Here's some pictures:

A warhound ;)
Ranger or archer and Templar

Ranger on the right and Wizard to his left. The other 2 figures are baddies, Wraight Knights, also for Frostgrave

And here's the rest of the gang, an Apprentice, 3 Thieves and a Knight


Joakim Ström said...

I'm looking forward to thrashing you (or more probable, to see my son trash you after he's finished me...)

Thomas Nissvik said...

The trick is to stay away from David while he stomps Jocke and the get out quickly before he turns on you...

Leif Eriksson said...

Nice. I found that box in my stash recently. The terrain included is useful for Frostgrave as well.

Koen De Smedt said...

Thomas, first I'll let David take care of Jocke, while I grab some treasure and simultaneously make sure that you are between David and me. Then I run! ;-)

Laffe, yes, I need to paint that up sometime soon