Monday, July 18, 2016

Back to the Paras...

It's been a while, but here's another para update... Thanks to the box I got from Laffe and Thomas, and which contained more than a platoon's worth of figures plus some supports, I can now complete a full company, with bataljon and brigade level supports.

So, what have I been doing since the last update:

Company CO, mix of Blitz and SHQ
A bunch of 12 paras from Blitz
Another batch of paras from Blitz (11 of them, 4 NCOs, 2 snipers, an ammo bearer for the PIAT and some riflemen)
A PIAT gunner from the Blitz PIAT pack
The Kubelwagen and the Jeep are from Academy, the crew is all SHQ
(Jeep and its crew were in the box from Laffe and Thomas)
A flamethrower team, all SHQ figures (kindly donated by Laffe and Thomas)

3 JoPs for CoC - all from Blitz's "Para supplies pack"
Another JoP for CoC. The models are TQD (actually Polish paras, but the difference is minimal)
75mm pack howitzer (Airfix) and crew (Blitz)

More paras on the painting table now:
  • 4 more jeeps (another Academy one, the Airfix one, with the trailer, and the two from S-models), with around 18 SHQ crew
  • Airborne Morris (SHQ) and 17lb AT gun w crew (Blitz)
  • 2 more JoPs: 2 paras w trolley and an HQ set (4 officers and a radio operator around a table) (both from SHQ) 

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