Monday, July 18, 2016

These are not the droids you're looking for

Sometime last year I promised a friend of a friend to paint the figures that came with his Imperial Assault base set, and I did some storm troopers earlier 

Fire away, they won't hit anything anyway...
A lot of other things got ahead of painting more Star Wars in the meantime (Indochina, Paras, even some Frostgrave...), but now I felt it was time to paint some more of these. Here they come...

The 3 droids from the set. I used 3 different metallics as base (bronze, silver and gun metal), with appropriate washes and drybrushes, The gun metal one even has some patches of rust). Different colours for the leds/lenses as well.
e-Web engineers with heavy lasercannon (or whatever it is); 3 Imperial Navy officers (in 3 different uniforms); 4 Royal Guardsmen
 From the Imperial side, there's only Lord Vader left, as well as the 4 bounty hunters and 3 ferocious animals. Oh, and the AT-ST. And then there's all the rebels of course... I got them all undercoated, will try and finish them soonish.

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