Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bad Squiddo Games kickstarter

Wednesday 16 November 20:00 CET, Annie at Bad Squiddo Games / The Dice Bag Lady is launching her first ever kickstarter, Ghosts of Gaia. 6 kick-ass post-apocalyptic ladies, hopefully stretching to 10 if all the stretch goals are met. And laser armed guinea pigs if we get even further! ;-)

Get in there and support her!

In Annie's own words:

"TOMORROW! I am launching TOMORROW! Ghosts of Gaia, 28mm post apocalyptic badass ladies. There are 6 in the opening pledge, but with another 4 to be unlocked - and if we get that far, a nice deal for em all. 

If we get that far.....then.............. guinea pigs with fricken laserbeams?

Full line up shots and more to come before launch,

Start spreading the news (if you haven't been already), I've been a bit rubbish at my usual "tell the whole internets!" of late because of just having so much to do, so any help is appreciated so much!


Bad Squiddo Games"

Check her Facebook page for more info

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