Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review of Red Dragon gaming resin scenics

I ran into this (for me) new company through a friend's post in twitter and decided to give them a go. The company's website is They offer mostly resin scenery and terrain bits, both painted (in various finishes) and unpainted. As I like painting, I looked mainly at the unpainted versions. For our Dark Ages and Dux Gondorum games, we could use some flint walls, so I checked out those. They have various single items and two packs:

  • A standard stone wall set, containing 4 large corners, 3 long walls and 1 wall with entry
  • An extension wall set, containing 2 large T-shaped bits, 1 long broken wall bit, 1 normal long wall bits and a wall with an entry. Most of the wall bits are 15cms (6") long.
Both sets cost £8 unpainted, which I thought was very reasonable. Painted sets are about 50-125% more expensive, which is still reasonable in most cases. You can choose various finishes (wasteland, grassland, desert, with or without flocking.

I also grabbed a bomb crater set while I was there, for £4 (painted is £7,50). The set contains 1 larger and 2 smaller craters.

I got the order today (I ordered 9 days ago, which is decent turnaround time from the UK to Sweden). 

Big jiffy bag with all the goodies
On opening the bag there were 2 smaller packs (each containing a set, the extension set also had the crater set in with it). Both sets were in zip lock bags, and wrapped in more bubble wrap. Everything had survived the trip unscathed. Bonus points for that!

2 bubble wrapped bags containing a set each
Each set came in a zip lock bag

The standard wall set

The extension set
Closer details

More closer details
On opening the bags, you get that special resin odour coming out ;-) The resin (off-white, slightly transparent) is crisp, I have seen no signs of worn or bad moulds. Details are fine, no bubbles or damages. Detail is deep, with even some deep recesses between some stones. The walls all come on bases. These have been sanded straight on the bottom and can be used as is (so no need to add extra bases, unless you want to). The bases are detailed and can be painted as they are, there is sufficient patterning to represent rough ground. They should be suitable for 20 to heroic 28 (or 32mm ;-) ) gaming.

I plan to paint these quickly as they shouldn't need too much work. Black priming, grey drybrushing in a couple of layers, paint the bases brown, with some drybrushing, and some flocking. Maybe some washing in between. I'll put up some pictures and report how they paint up.

As a summary - these look like a good buy, at a very decent price, and I'd like to recommend these. 


Joakim Ström said...

I'd like to see them in the flesh (or rather resin) sometime. Looks good.

Thomas Nissvik said...

"He says again, "Good fences make good neighbors.""
Especially when the neighbours are the bloody uruk-hai!

Koen De Smedt said...

@Jocke - I'll bring them the next time we have a game. Maybe next week, depending on things. They may be painted by then, though. Or perhaps I can skip on part.

@Thomas - indeed. The ever-hungry Uruk-Hai!