Sunday, March 15, 2015

GothCon status

My Desert Rats for GothCon are nearing completion... All are assembled, converted and painted, just about half need their bases done. And if there's time they need to get a coat of matt varnish, as some are a bit glossy (due to the Pledge ;-)).

1 full platoon with:
Platoon HQ: 1 officer, 1 NCO, 1 AT team (2), 1 2" mortar team (2)
3 Sections, each @ 1 NCO, 1 Bren team (3), 6 riflemen

In support:
1 FOO team (2) - conversions from the standard plastics Perry box
1 Vickers MMG (5)
1 Universal carrier (3)
1 medical orderly
3 engineer teams: demolition team (3), mine clearing team (3) and wire clearing team (3) - all conversions from the standard plastics Perry box
1 company commander w radio operator
2 jump-off points for CoC

I have a Crusader Mk I, a Morris CS9 armoured car and a Dingo scout car on the way... Hopefully they get here soon, so I can complete them in time.
!Update: they arrived today (16 March) :)

My oasis is also getting along. I built it at our terrain day, but started painting it today. Dark brown basecoat. Once dry, it'll get drybrushed in several layers of ever lightening sand colour. Then it needs green flock, and some bushes, maybe even some reeds. Then the water pool in the middle will get a green-grey wash, and after that I'll fill it with 2 or 3 layers of Vallejo still water.

And finally, I have my first Germans ready painted, as we discovered we were a bit short on German infantry. About half a section of DAK and a platoon commander.


Thomas Nissvik said...

Brilliant! As I wasted the whole weekend building houses for my Viets, it is good to know that you are on track and on target.

Koen De Smedt said...

Nice, you already started the preparations for GothCon 2016 ;-)


Leif Eriksson said...


I spent the saturday fitting photo-etched brass weapon slings on to of my British Big men...

Sunday was spent completing the Sangar and almost completing the 2-pounder + crew, a couple of riflemen and the german AT rifle team. (They all just need a wash and bases done.)

Next up I will focus on more germans.

Joakim Ström said...

Well done all of you. I'm slogging on with my Italian tankette and armoured car. Slowly...