Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Quick update - more desert stuff finished

Just a couple of things that had been in progress for quite a while and got finished now.

Half section of DAK (1 NCO, LMG team of 5) and a converted NCO in Luftwaffe tropical uniform (Perry figure with a Valiant "20mm" head)

British 2pdr (Perry) and 20mm Breda gun (Offensive Miniatures). The sitting crew members are the ones that came with the guns, the other 2 are Company B and part of a 2pdr Morris Portee. The rest of the crew from the 2pdr and the Breda were completed a couple of weeks ago.

On my painting table now:

AB figures (20mm) British Para section. Nearing completion.

Apart from these (and another section of them), I have some "20mm" Valiant Fallschirmjäger and some 20mm Warmodelling Winter war Finnish that I found in a box and that are almost done. Soon on here!


Thomas Nissvik said...

Damn you are fast! There will be a lot of new toys on the table this weekend, that's for sure!

Koen De Smedt said...

I'd have wanted more, I still have some vehicles to complete, including "Laffe's" Crusader.